Jo Dall

Health Kinesiology in Matlock


  • HK 1, Health Kinesiology - OCN, 2005 Awaiting Verification
  • HK2, Health Kinesiology - OCN, 2005 Awaiting Verification
  • HK3, Health Kinesiology - OCN, 2005 Awaiting Verification
  • HK4, Health Kinesiology - OCN, 2005 Awaiting Verification
  • HK5, Health Kinesiology - OCN, 2006 Awaiting Verification
  • Nutritional BioEnergetics, Health Kinesiology, 2010 Awaiting Verification
  • Nutrition, Institute of Optimum Nutrition, 2010 Awaiting Verification
  • Councelling Skills level two, OCN, 2006 Awaiting Verification
  • Anatomy and Physiology level 2, OCN, 2006 Awaiting Verification
  • HK6, Health Kinesiology - OCN, 2006 Awaiting Verification
  • HK7, Health Kinesiology - OCN, 2007 Awaiting Verification
  • SCOTT PROTOCOL, Health Kinesiology, 2010 Awaiting Verification
  • HK9, Health Kinesiology - OCN, 2009 Awaiting Verification

Governing Bodies:

  • KFRP, Kinesiology Federation Awaiting Verification

At a glance...

  • YesAccepting Clients
  • NoClinically Supervised
  • YesLiability Cover
  • NoHome Visits
  • YesOwn Premises
  • NoDisabled Access
  • NoMember of Practice
  • NoFree Initial Consultation

Contact Details

Jo Dall

Darley Dale
Matlock DE4 3BQ United Kingdom

01629 735707


Catchment Areas:

  • Sheffield
  • Nottingham
  • Leicester
  • Matlock
Photograph of Jo Dall

Personal Profile

Health Kinesiology

I have been practicing Health Kinesiology now for 7 years and run a very successful practice from Matlock.

Health Kinesiology (HK) is a unique form of Kinesiology that allows us to establish, through gentle muscle testing, blocks and stuck patterns within the meridian energy system. In HK we then establish, again through muscle testing, what unique corrections we need to carry out for each individual, to restore the body's natural BioEnergy balance. Corrections may involve thought, magnets, touch, colour , plus much much more and by carrying out these, plus holding acupressure points, clearing the blocks and thus allowing the body to regain it's natural energy and vitality.

I initially became interested in this amazing therapy having attended sessions for a concern that I had and I ended up re-training (previously a sales and marketing director for a small company) and I now practice HK full time.

One needs to attain HK 5 to become qualified, along with obtaining councelling , anatomy and physiology, and nutrition recognised qualifications. I am now qualified to level 9.

Now qualified to KFRP status and a full member of the Kinesiology Federation.

I absolutely love my work and seeing how my clients develop and grow in so many ways. It truly is a pleasure to work with them and to help them to deal with their concerns and meet their goals.

HK is truly an amazing therapy that you really need to experience to believe.

Work Approach

As a fully qualified Health Kinesiologist we have certain professional standards to adhere to in order to be a member of the Kinesiology Federation. Along with that however, I try to offer my clients a relaxing and trusting environment in which they feel safe to express their goals and concerns.

Because we can establish any blocks or stuck patterns though asking the body, via muscle testing, it is not always necessary for a client to speak about their concerns if they do not want to. This is sometimes a relief as it can be painful to discuss / re-live some experiences. By using HK we can address the imbalances as they arise,deal with them effectively and allowing them to go completely.

I offer clients a confidential, caring, relaxing treatment and I am proud to say that this is why my clients love to come back for more sessions even after thier initial goals or concerns have been addressed.

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